Why Give Flowers to a Woman – Why Do Women Like Flowers?

Giving flowers to women is a tradition that is ingrained in men from a young age. We see it on TV shows. We get advice about buying flowers for a girl that we are interested in. But really, why do we give flowers to women? And why do women like flowers in the first place?

why give flowers to a woman

There are a number of good reasons that men should give flowers to women. They can be used as a romantic gesture, an apology, or even just to say thank you. The common thread is that flowers are a way to express emotions that we feel but often can’t put into words.

Giving flowers is often an expression of interest

Probably the most iconic reason that men give women flowers is to show romantic interest in them. When women receive a single red rose from a man for no immediately apparent reason, the reason is actually obvious. The guy likes her. The intention is clear.

It is easier for most guys to show their attraction and interest in women through gifts than by saying so directly. This removes some of the awkwardness for the guy of having to tell the girl directly with words that he likes her. The intent is shown in the gift, and then can be followed up with a conversation if the girl is interested in the guy. The flowers can serve as an icebreaker.

This isn’t the best way to show your interest in a woman, but it’s common because it is easier than the more straightforward alternatives. Some guys don’t know a better way or are shy so they resort to the old advice of giving flowers to show that they are romantically interested. While not all women love flowers (but most do), they do understand the intention when they are gifted flowers.

Giving flowers as a sign of affection

Once you are in a relationship, gifting flowers becomes a way to show your continued affection for the girl that you are seeing. What do you think of when you see red roses or other red flowers? Love of course. They clearly communicate that you love her romantically. And this isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. A random day is often even more meaningful for her. Girls love receiving a surprise flower delivery at work from their boyfriend or husband because it shows that even though they are apart, the guy is thinking of them.

The flowers received at work also show other people that the woman is loved. It is a confidence boost for the woman and a sign that she is cherished. To a woman, flowers are a symbol of being cherished.

The flowers sitting on her desk at work will trigger other people to ask about them, which gives her a chance to tell others about her loving relationship. And every time she glances at the bouquet of flowers, she will think of you. Just glancing at the flower bouquet during her workday gives her a little boost. It subconsciously makes her feel good. Even her male colleagues will take notice.

women like flowers

Flowers make her feel loved and appreciated

The best reason to give a girl a flower is that it makes her feel appreciated. Flowers are a simple gift that brings her happiness and positive emotions. Every time she looks at the flowers, they will remind her of your relationship and the good feelings that you bring her.

Though you may show her that you care by the way you treat her or support her, flowers serve as a concrete reminder of the good things that she feels when she is with you. They are tangible and just another way for her to know that you appreciate her.

When she posts pictures of the flowers on her social media, she gets even more dopamine hits from the likes and comments from her friends. It feels good for her to be able to show on her Facebook or Instagram that she is appreciated and loved by her man. Girls tend to value both the physical flowers and the thought behind them equally.

Flowers can brighten her mood

Flowers can be given in non-romantic situations too, like when a woman is feeling sad. Maybe she had a bad day at work or she’s going through a tough time in her life.

When you know that she’s not feeling her best and you want to cheer her up so she can feel happy, fresh flowers can be the perfect gift. Giving her flower blossoms to brighten her mood is a gesture of kindness and compassion. They serve as a sign that you understand she isn’t feeling her best and you still support her.

They may not actually help her situation in any tangible way, but they will make her feel better about her circumstances. They show that you recognize her situation and are there to help her through it. Find out her favorite flowers so you aren’t always getting her the boring, traditional red roses. You can find a variety of bouquets with carnations, tulips, Gerbera daisies, and other popular flowers.

Flowers can be used to say sorry

Flowers aren’t always given to make women happy. Sometimes they are a gift to say that you are sorry. You’ve seen this trope on TV countless times. A guy messes up and wants to make it up to his girlfriend or wife. What does he do? He buys flowers as an apology. Every guy has this instilled in him as he grows up. It is commonplace in society. Typically a yellow rose or other yellow flowers are used for an apology.

A man who sends flowers as a way to apologize for his mistakes is saying that he knows what he did wrong and wants to make it up to her. He is not trying to minimize what happened but is facing the issues head-on and doing his best to show her that he values her.

The flowers are an acknowledgment that he hurt her and is trying to do something about it. It shows that he values their relationship enough to try and make things right again after making a mistake.

Special occasions like Mother’s Day

Don’t forget that your mom likes flowers too. And not just on Mother’s Day. I’m sure receiving a nice unexpected delivery of different flowers would make her day. It would probably make her whole week. Remember, flower gifting isn’t just for a romantic occasion. You can show your appreciation by buying flowers for your mom too.

Birthdays are another special occasion where flowers can brighten a woman’s day. Flowers can help you stand out from all the other men who don’t remember their girlfriend’s birthday. The fresh blooms show that you remembered and are thinking of her, and that makes a woman feel special.

Different flowers for different occasions

There are many different popular varieties to choose from and several different colors to pick too. Luckily you don’t have to be an expert botanist to figure this out. The basics are all you need to choose the right flower for the occasion.

Anniversaries (and other love-based events such as Valentine’s Day)

Red and pink roses are a simple and solid choice here. This is a romantic occasion and these colors will set the right mood. Look for a dozen red or pink roses or even more if you want. You can also mix it up with some different types of flowers for an added twist if you want to get fancy.


Any choice of flower will work here but if you want to go above and beyond, get her the flower of her birth month. Yes, there are flowers designated for each month similar to birthstones. Of course, you could just go with her favorite flower and that would be perfectly fine too. Anyway, here is the list of months and the corresponding flower.

  • January – Carnation (or snowdrops which are better as a filler)
  • February – Violet (or primrose)
  • March – Daffodil (or jonquil which is very similar)
  • April – Daisy (or sweetpea which has a unique shape that looks good in a bouquet of flowers)
  • May – Lily (or hawthorn)
  • June – Rose (or honeysuckle which has a unique look and a nice smell)
  • July – Larkspur (or water lily which looks great)
  • August – Gladiolus (or poppies like in The Wizard of Oz!)
  • September – Aster (or morning glory which has a vibrant look)
  • October – Marigold (or cosmos)
  • November – Chrysanthemum
  • December – Poinsettia (the traditional Christmas flower)

Besides these basics, don’t stress about it. There is no ultimate rulebook of flower giving etiquette that you must follow or you will look like a fool. Be aware that many of the above-mentioned flowers are toxic to dogs and cats. If she has pets, do your research first and you may want to choose an alternate flower that will be safe around the pets.

man giving flowers to a woman

You don’t even need a real reason to get her flowers

You can get them just because. She will always appreciate them. The flowers can show your affection, your condolences, your support, and many other things too.

There isn’t a girl that exists who does not appreciate fresh flowers. Okay, maybe there is one out there but I’m not counting her. Anyway, if you want to give flowers, then do it. Just sending flowers for no reason is enough to brighten her day and give her a boost to her emotions. And it doesn’t always have to be red roses or her favorite flowers. You can choose a single flower, or even a fancy flower arrangement if the situation calls for it. Be creative and don’t worry about choosing the right flowers. Mix it up with white flowers, pink roses, or carnations and it will be more exciting for her if she doesn’t know exactly what to expect.

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