What If Things Work Out? Planning for the Best

Most people are pragmatic when it comes to planning for the future. You want to be prepared if your plans fall apart, so it feels natural to plan for the worst. However, while it may be natural, constantly expecting the worst can leave you with a constant background level of anxiety.

what if things work out

Obviously, this isn’t a healthy way to go through life. So, what are the options? You can and should be aware that things may not go as well as you would like. But you can’t allow these thoughts to run rampant in your mind. Understand the fact that issues could arise and if needed, make simple plans on how you will handle it if things do go seriously bad. In most cases, the “worst-case scenario” isn’t really that big of a deal anyway, so do give it any of your attention.

This sounds difficult and maybe even a little crazy, but it does feel pretty great once you get used to it. Instead of focusing energy on the unlikely worst-case scenario, put your focus to better use.

Ask yourself, what if things work out? Be aware of the potential upside if everything goes right. By focusing on the positive instead of the negative, you won’t have all that fear and anxiety wearing on your mind.


Why it’s important to be optimistic about the future

Being optimistic doesn’t just make you feel good, it has other tangible benefits as well. Optimism helps promote creativity and the development of new ideas. You can think more clearly when you aren’t bogged down by excess negative thinking. You are also better equipped to deal with situations, whether good or bad. Even if something does go wrong, the optimistic mind is able to think more flexibly than a negative mind.

In essence, by training yourself to stay positive about your future you will be more calm and effective in both good situations and bad ones.

Strive to stay positive and it will be easier to stick to your plan. By removing excess doubt, your plans will feel more achievable.


Self-fulfilling prophecies

The human mind is a strange and powerful tool and it usually gets its way. The way you think and perceive things affects your reality simply because of the thoughts you give attention to. It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It might sound like crazy talk, but it turns out this idea is backed up by science. We don’t know exactly how our little electrical meat-bag does this but it has been shown to be true countless times. By feeding it positive thoughts, your brain finds ways to make your visions a reality. This happens subconsciously but the results happen in the real world.

By expecting positive things to happen, your brain works in the background to figure out how it can make it happen. Use this superpower to your advantage. All you have to do is expect the best. Think about how success will look and feel. Create this vision and let your brain handle the computing in the background.

In the meantime, you can focus on your tasks in the real world. In time, your brain will feed you the information you need to give you the best chance to bring your vision to life.

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You can only truly control yourself

The only thing you can have real control over is yourself. You are in control of how you act and react to things. Sadly, most people don’t even have control over themselves. They let emotion take over when they should stay logical. Strong emotions take away their control and shut off their thinking.

You need to stay firmly in control of yourself. Emotions are not bad but letting them take over can lead to some nasty circumstances. While in control, you can direct your focus on yourself.

By focusing on your own behavior and thoughts instead of external factors, you can gain more control over your life. You’ll stop feeling like you are at the mercy of whatever life throws at you and take back the reins. By maintaining self-control, you will be able to better handle any situation because you won’t be so overwhelmed by emotions.


Your actions influence the results

While it is true that luck does have an impact on your life, most of the time good things happen because you made them happen. How much effort you put into something determines how well it works out for you.

Luck can certainly play a role in your life, but the majority of the time it is your actions and choices that make all the difference. You can’t control luck, but you can influence your circumstances by working hard and surrounding yourself with good people.

With hard and smart work, good things will come your way more often than they would without it. Don’t let luck be an excuse for not putting in the effort. Focus on the actions that will lead to good things and you’ll eventually win. Luck determines how long it will take. Your dedication determines if it will happen at all.

Make luck work in your favor by setting up situations where you can receive good luck. For example, let’s say you want to get a high-paying job. By making a strong resume and applying to jobs consistently, you put yourself in a position to get “lucky.” Whereas someone waiting around for a job to fall into their lap may be waiting for a long time. Bend luck in your favor as much as you can and you will suddenly seem much luckier than the average guy.

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The importance of having a happy future mindset

By thinking positively about the future, you actually improve your own outlook. When you expect things to work out well, you are less likely to be discouraged when they don’t. The more optimistic your view of the future, the greater your chance of success becomes.

The simple act of asking yourself “What if things work out,” can have a huge impact on how you think. It influences everything from your emotions and mood, to the way you speak and act on a daily basis. This shift in thinking will lower the anxiety you get from dreading the worst outcomes.

The first step is to ask yourself this simple question on a consistent basis. Then, instead of constantly thinking about how things might go wrong, consider all the ways they could possibly go right as well.

Give yourself the chance to get lucky by crafting a future mindset that goes beyond just expecting the worst. When you begin thinking about how things could go your way, you open up new possibilities and opportunities. Things will work out well for you when you give yourself an optimistic outlook on what is to come.

Do the work and stay determined to reach the finish line. Eventually, you will get there.

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