What Does Success Feel Like?

Success is a strange thing. There is no set definition of what it means. We all have a different view on how our personal success would look. Each person likely has several vastly different visions of their potential successes. And while reaching your goal is to be strived for, you should know that there are some negatives to be ready for. But don’t worry, the good far outweighs the bad. So what does success feel like?

what does success feel like

True success can feel different for everyone. It can be measured in many ways. Some are able to say that success is climbing a mountain they set out to climb, others might say it’s achieving their dreams, for some, it might be receiving their acceptance letter into university, while for others it could be getting married or being in a loving relationship with someone.

There are many emotions and mindset changes that happen when you reach your goals, there are some that we see more frequently. When you crush that big goal, you can expect to feel at least a few of the emotions that we are going to talk about here.

Here are some of the common ways people feel when they reach their goals and consider themselves to be successful. Let’s think about the relatively small negative feelings first before we get the bigger and better positive feelings.

Success can feel stressful

For some people, success comes with a whole new set of problems. You might be thinking that this is completely backward as the word “success” should be synonymous with happiness and good feelings- but think about it for a second. Going to college means you have met your goal of getting accepted but once you’re there, you have the added pressures of being a student, possibly working part-time to help with tuition or living expenses, and commuting. It’s a whole new world on its own.

Earning piles of money can cause stress because now people will be asking you for financial help or to invest in their new business.

It can feel weird at first (Imposter Syndrome)

The first time you get a big win can feel strange. Especially if you have grown used to failing and you have a damaged self-esteem. You feel like you don’t deserve it or that something bad is going to happen because of this success. It can take time to get used to your new status.

This feeling, what some people might call the “Imposter Syndrome”, is also common. They are not mentally mature enough to handle the responsibility and the fame of their success. They might even deny their own accomplishments. This is very common and I’ve had to deal with it many times. Don’t worry though. It’s not really that bad.

You’ll feel uncomfortable for a while and then you adapt to your new successful status. Give it time and the imposter syndrome will fade away.

Now let’s look at all the positive effects.

You feel grateful for what you have achieved

When you succeed, you will feel grateful for all your hard work paying off. All the time spent working on your goal finally comes to fruition. This is rewarding in itself. Your dream has turned into reality and you feel accomplished as a man.

You feel more confident

Succeeding can supercharge your self-esteem and makes you believe you can do anything. And this newfound confidence can lead to even more success! With better self-esteem and your mind on the right track, you are more likely to have success in other parts of your life. Once your first business does well, it is much easier to create a second winning business. Once you get your first date or first kiss, it becomes easier to do it again.

Our mindsets can hold us back from being great. Cracking through with that first success will tear away some of the bad mindsets and limiting beliefs that we hold. This is why a first success often leads to many more.

feel more confident

You tend to stay more positive

Success breeds positive feelings. Once you have done something you set out to do, your brain begins to look at the world differently. This means that your mindset will be on the right track and you can focus on what other problems or obstacles might show up next.

When you have a few wins under your belt, you become more confident in your skills

Your first win makes it easier to believe in yourself and your abilities. This is because you have proved to yourself that you can actually achieve something. You don’t have second thoughts anymore about whether or not you are talented enough or skilled enough for what’s ahead of you. This first win is huge and can create a snowball effect in your mindset. Eventually, there will be no doubt in your mind that if you stick with it, then success is inevitable. You know that you have what it takes to push through whatever life wants to put in your way.

You’re more likely to take risks or do something daring

It’s a fact that people who succeed are more willing to try new things or take measured risks. Why? Because they have been proven right in the past. You will see failures as learning opportunities and you’ll take them less personally.

Confidence and self-worth really go hand in hand and this is how one makes the other grow: “Feelings of success lead to confidence, and confidence leads to feeling successful.”

You’re more likely to work hard

If you know that if you put in enough effort, you will eventually succeed regardless of what obstacles are in your way, then you’ll work harder. Why? Because the risk isn’t as great. You know that you will be successful after putting in enough hard work and you are therefore more willing to take on bigger challenges which might seem risky at first.

Successful people often say that they never give up, even when things get tough. They know that, if they keep pushing forward, eventually they will break through.

You feel like you can help people

Once you experience success in your life, you feel like you have the ability to change the world- even just a little bit. You might want to share with others what you’ve learned and inspire them to follow their dreams too.

Some people are not willing to share their secrets. Usually, these are the people who haven’t achieved anything notable. But once you’ve achieved something great, it makes you feel like other people can too if they try hard enough. It’s like having a secret weapon- one that others don’t know about but that could change the game for them if they were to employ it in their lives.

A lot of times, people who succeed are the ones to give back. It’s a pay-it-forward mentality.

Not caring what other people think

How many guys do you know who say they don’t care what other people think? This is often repeated but most of them are lying. Sure, they might not care what specific people think, but there is always something holding them back- the fear of failure or the fear of looking like an idiot in front of others.

Successful people are more immune to this because their success gives them confidence. They know that they can’t please everyone, so they just do what feels right for them and worry about the opinions of others later, or not at all. This also benefits your mental health by removing the unneeded stress of worrying about the thoughts of others.

Success is addictive

Success is addictive because it is so rewarding. When you succeed, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel good. This is why people are motivated to try new things and challenge themselves even if it’s extremely difficult in the beginning. The confidence in their self-worth begins to spill over to all areas of their lives.

Success also makes you feel like everything is possible- at least with the right amount of effort. Once your mind understands that anything is possible (given that you commit 100%), your view of the world shifts. The possibilities within your grasp are endless.

It is also addictive because it breeds more success. A successful person tends to create an upward spiral of success and motivation which reinforces itself. Each win propels your confidence forward, making subsequent wins easier.

There is a saying: “Success breeds success.” And this is true.

Now it is time for you to get to work.

To put it bluntly. What does real success feel like? It feels incredible. It feels like you are a champion. You feel alive and content with the world. You’ve seen the light and want to help others feel the same way you do.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world- if not the best. And once you find yours, you’ll never want to let it go.

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