How to Make Good Money Without College

You’ve probably heard that you should learn something new every day.

Or another popular saying is to

Go to Bed Smarter than when you woke up“.

What exactly are you supposed to learn every day? They don’t tell you that part. And that part is critical.

For most guys, you should learn how to make more money.

If you don’t have one source of significant income, usually a high paying job, then you should focus on this first.

A Good Income

What’s a ‘good’ income? Let’s say at least $50,000 a year. $70,000 is a better number to aim at, but it depends a lot on the type of job.

I don’t have any advanced degrees.

I finished high school, took a few college classes, and dropped out before even getting my AA.

Most of my education is either self-taught or I’ve taken courses that teach me specific skills that I can use in earning money without spending years in school.

For most people, school isn’t that great.

It takes years, stacks up debt, and a lot of degrees are functionally useless.

Sure, a diploma with your name written in fancy letters might look nice but is it making you money? Usually not.

There are exceptions like degrees for specific jobs such as nursing, or radiology.

Or some trades such as plumbing can make decent incomes too, though these trades can take years at the lower levels before, the bigger money comes your way.

Surviving Without a Formal Education

I looked in a different direction.

I searched for high-paying jobs that don’t require special education to get started.

The oilfield is one of the best examples. That’s how I got started making decent money.

I was hired as a helper, mainly in the office to start because I had some office experience.

I was also proficient with computers.

Especially, compared to the people working at that company.

Technological knowledge is mostly weak in the oilfield and similar jobs so if you have computer knowledge it is a big plus.

After a year of learning more about the industry, I decided to take a class on mud engineering.

It was a two-month class and was expensive, but it helped me get a much better job in the industry paying much more.

The class was very particular and taught me skills that were in need and paid well.

It took a bit to find ‘the better job, but that knowledge made it possible.

Now, the oilfield is in shambles since the price of oil dropped.

I was laid off permanently just as tens of thousands of other oilfield workers were.

So what could I do?

Thanks to some networking and meeting decent people earlier in life, I was able to find out about another great paying industry.

Making money from Turnarounds


Chances are you have no idea what turnarounds are unless you live in an industrial area such as Houston and the Bay area there.

Turnarounds are when units in industrial plants are shut down for extended maintenance and repairs. Sometimes the turnarounds are called Shutdowns or Outages.

Anyway, these turnarounds typically have work around the clock.

12-hour shifts, days and nights.

And 7 days a week.

Usually, you’ll work 14-18 days on and then a day off, called a fatigue day.

So you are making a good hourly rate, and also getting about 40 hours of overtime per week.

Also, a good per diem rate since you are most likely working away from home.

The beautiful thing is you might only work half the year and still make a better income than most people make by working all year.

This also frees up time for side projects, especially working on other sources of income, so you don’t have to depend on having a job for your entire life.

I want you to look into jobs that pay a lot of money and don’t require special education.

They are out there.

You will be making a sacrifice by being away from home and working insane hours.

It is up to you if that is worth it to get ahead in life.

Tell me in the comments if you have any experience in one of these jobs.

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