It Sucks to Be Fat – 7 Reasons Why

Weight is a touchy subject but it is an important one to discuss. There are so many negatives of being overweight that you need to be aware of. The purpose of this article isn’t fat shaming or to be mean to overweight people but to bring light to the truth that being fat sucks.

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I’ve been fat before. I was borderline obese (off by only about 2 pounds). It took years to get to that state and it really does sneak up on you if you aren’t paying attention to your health. Even though I wasn’t an extreme case, I was still big enough to notice several of the negatives that were a result of me being so close to obesity.

I’m not even going to touch on the health issues that come from carrying excess fat. For info on that, you should read this article by WebMD or some other article by medical professionals. I am going to focus on the other problems that arise when you are overweight.

Your confidence takes a hit

This is one of the cornerstone problems that is a part of the other issues that are caused by being overweight. If you are fat, you just aren’t going to feel as good about yourself as if you were fit. Your weight will be a constant confidence drain in the back of your mind.

It is common for overweight people to overcompensate their lack of confidence by being overly loud or aggressive. A lot of this comes from the desire to prove that they are strong men so they may try to act like stereotypical jocks. Other guys will opt for the funny fat guy route. Both types are compensating for their physical appearance in the hopes that others will see them in a better light.

Being fat is a detriment to your confidence because you will always be subconsciously wondering if other people are judging you based on your appearance. This lowers self-esteem and can damage your social interactions because it is harder to build a connection with people if you don’t feel worthy of their attention.

This issue bleeds into many of the other problems that arise from being overweight. You get discriminated against in dating and at work. You are seen as lazy and lacking self-control. You don’t get recognized for your accomplishments because of preconceptions that people have about you based on your looks.

People say that confidence comes from within and that is somewhat true but it does help to be attractive on the outside as well. Society tells us that beauty is skin deep but I don’t think that anyone truly believes that to be fully true. You are judged on appearances more than you think.

Fat people don’t make as much money

In general, being overweight will cost you money. And not just because larger clothes are more expensive. Your weight also affects your career and salary.

You are more likely to be passed up for a new job or a promotion if you are overweight rather than in shape. This is especially true if you are applying for a position that requires physical labor. Whether it is true or not, overweight people are often perceived as being lazy and less intelligent than fit people. It is unfair but this is what happens in the real world.

Being fat not only makes it less likely for you to get a new position, but it also makes it more difficult to climb the career ladder. And you are less likely to get raises. All of this adds up and makes you earn less than your counterparts. It’s not fair but this is how it works.

You are also less likely to be taken seriously by your superiors. Even if your work is better than most, if you are fat, you are fighting an uphill battle in your career.

Dating is harder when you are overweight

Dating for fat people is like playing on hard mode. Sure, you can still do well but it going to be much harder than it needs to be. This is even more true now with online dating being extremely commonplace now. The competition and expectations from women are higher now.

Girls can now make an online dating account and instantly see hundreds or thousands of potential guys to date. So now the girls are screening even more strictly than before. If your pictures aren’t solid, they swipe left without even reading your profile. So if you are obese, you are far, far more likely to get swiped left without a second thought.

Even if you do manage to get a date, whether online or the old-fashioned way (in person), you are going to have to be more impressive to the girl if you want a chance at a second date. Many guys have to lower their standards of the ideal woman they want to date and instead end up dating an overweight girl. By the way, this goes the same for the girl. She is most likely lowering her standards at the same time.

Confidence plays a big part in dating as an overweight man. You’ll always be wondering if women find you attractive or if they are settling for you. You will know that you are not at your best and this will be a constant weight on your mind. Girls will sense this and you will have a harder time developing relationships.

The problems also carry over into the bedroom. Being fat and out of shape will be a real confidence drain in the bedroom. Guys are often ashamed of how they look naked and this can be a huge turnoff for girls. Even if you are confident about your body, the girl may not feel as comfortable with you because you are not in shape. Again, this comes down to not being able to meet the expectations that women have of men today.

And another common side effect of being overweight is that your endurance is often lower due to not having an active lifestyle. This leads to worse performance in the bedroom which leaves you feeling ashamed. This can further lower your confidence and leave you feeling like less of a man. You can see how this can spiral downward and cause more issues with dating.

Clothing becomes more complicated

Being heavier also makes clothing an issue. If your weight is fluctuating a lot, how are you supposed to buy clothes that fit properly? Either you spend a lot more money buying new clothes as you gain and lose weight, or you buy oversized clothes that won’t you as well and won’t look as good on you. It is a lose-lose situation.

The clothing takes more fabric so you are spending more than a person with a normal BMI. It is also more difficult to find certain clothing styles in a size that fits you when you are obese. There are some specialty big & tall stores but you still end up spending more money there.

If you lose enough weight to go down a size, all of your old clothes will be too big for you. This means spending even more money on new clothing as you lose weight so it kind of discourages you from losing weight at the same time. It is either keep buying new clothes as you get in shape or wear ill-fitting clothing a lot of the time.

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A typical summer temperature

Summertime is hell

If you live somewhere that gets hot in the summer, it can be dreadful for everyone. Carrying around all of that extra weight in the heat magnifies how uncomfortable it is.

Everyone else is going to be spending time outside at the pool or hanging out with friends. You will likely feel self-conscious about how you look and may be less inclined to join in these social get-togethers.

You also have the issue of finding swimsuits that you feel comfortable in. I know when I was fat that I didn’t want anyone to see me wearing a swimsuit or see me without a shirt on.

So you might end up missing out on a lot of fun summer activities if you are a fat guy. This can lead to further complications in your dating life.

The judgment of others

Returning to this point, the judgment of other people is a huge problem for a lot of overweight guys. The worry of being judged can linger in the back of your mind and affect so many areas of your life. It makes dating harder. It makes your career more challenging to advance in and it costs you money. It does not make for a happy, fulfilled life.

Being overweight can also affect your social circles. Other people may judge you and be less inclined to include you in certain activities. This can cause unneeded stress and even make you less interested in being social.

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Besides the potential health problems, being overweight can impact how you view yourself. The lower confidence levels hold you back in so many ways. If you are not confident in how you look, it will be more difficult to go up and talk to girls or even message them on dating apps. If you aren’t confident, it will be more difficult to pursue/further your career or even get up for that job interview.

Your self-worth is tied to how you look. This is not good for your mental health and can negatively impact the quality of your life. If you are overweight, you need to get this area of your life handled if you want to be happier. And you don’t have to be skinny before you see the benefits of your progress. You’ll feel better as you make the changes.

It isn’t as hard as media and society make it out to be. There are countless plans and methods that work. The key is finding a good plan and sticking to it. There are some plans that track calories or carbs, some that focus more on the types of food you eat, some that put more or less emphasis on exercise and general physical activity. There is a plan to fit your lifestyle and personality. You aren’t relegated to only eating salad for dinner and doing hours of daily cardio in order to lose one pound a month like some people seem to advocate. We understand how diet and exercise work more clearly than ever.

This is a process that takes time but it is so worth doing. Having a healthy body pays off in so many aspects of your life. I recommend finding a qualified trainer or dietician to help you make a plan if you don’t know how to do it on your own. I started with the Demon Diet and had some fast fat loss within a few weeks. That served as a nice kickstart for my weight loss. Afterward, I switched to keto and in 7 months I had a normal BMI. It wasn’t even very hard to do. You just have to find a plan and stay consistent. Being fat sucks so make the decision to make the changes required so that you can live a happier and healthier life.

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