How to Stop Being Weak Minded: 7 Ways To Be Mentally Tough

It isn’t comfortable acknowledging our weaknesses. As men, we are expected to be strong. Self-reflection is important though if we want to continue becoming more physically and mentally strong. Mental toughness is the ability to stay calm, even when you’re getting worked up. It’s about keeping your composure under intense pressure.

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A weak-minded person is going to have issues in many life areas so this weakness is critical to address and correct. The effects of developing mental toughness are vast and cannot be neglected for any man who is serious about his overall well-being.

Mental toughness isn’t something we either have or we don’t. It’s not black or white. There are degrees of mental strength. And while you might be somewhat mentally strong in one area, you could still have mental weakness in another area. Working on your mental toughness in one area does usually carry over to other areas though.

It is important to realize that mental strength isn’t about making you invincible; it is about taking control of the things you can and using them to your advantage.

Weak-Minded Man vs Mentally Tough Man

Mental toughness is not the same as being strong, though it does require strength. Mental toughness is about what you do with your mind when things are hard or go wrong. It’s about how you respond to adversity and setbacks. And it’s a trait that can be learned by anyone who wants greater control of their own life.

Acknowledging your weak mind is the first step to being a stronger man who has control over his life. A strong-willed man does not need outside motivation or influence as he can find it within himself. Since he has the ability to take control of his thoughts and emotions, he is not as affected by outside factors. He can focus on what needs to be done rather than getting distracted by thoughts of past failures.

The weak-minded man’s thoughts are often flooded with negative memories and emotions. This is a habit that can be broken, which will clear space for greater thought processes and allow for more logical and productive thinking.

Mental toughness begins with your self-talk. Your self-talk is the conversation you have with yourself about everything in your life – from broad topics to very specific situations. It’s what you think and feel about anything and everything that happens to you, at work, with your family and friends, and especially during difficult times.

Your self-talk is much more than just your inner voice – it comes out in your body language, words you use to describe people and things around you, and what you choose to say or do for others.

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Here are 7 Ways to Stop Being Weak-Minded


Accept What is Within Your Power to Change

One of the first ways to avoid being weak-minded is to know what we can and cannot change. We need to accept what we cannot change and work on correcting what we can. We should not be stubborn, but realize when it’s time to walk away from a situation or problem that we cannot change.

Dwelling on what is out of your control is a waste of time and energy. It also saps your mental willpower.

Instead of worrying about things out of your control, focus on the things that are within your control such as your response to bad situations. This will let you think clearly and use your mental bandwidth effectively instead of wasting your resources on the things that you cannot change.


Learn How to Handle Your Emotions

It’s not as easy as it seems for men to handle our emotions. We are expected to be tough and resilient by society, but this often prevents us from ever acknowledging the things that bother us. It is important that we recognize when we feel weak because this helps us better address these issues. If we want to be mentally and physically strong, then it is necessary that we work on building up our mental toughness. Just the effects of doing so are wide-reaching and cannot be ignored if you care about your well-being.

Ignoring these feelings of weakness and pretending they don’t exist only makes the problem worse. Strength is built by doing things that are uncomfortable. It is how muscles are built and how a strong mind is built.

Face these feelings of weakness when they arise and you can squash them become they become entrenched in your mind. It’s like treating a disease. Why wait until the disease becomes overpowering until you treat it. It is much easier to deal with it while it is developing rather than confronting a monster later on.


Stop the Self-Deprecating Talk

I had a great example of this in my life. I used to always say “I’m not good at jiu-jitsu” and it was very hard for me to get outside of that thought even when people were telling me that I was improving and much better than I gave my credit for. I just couldn’t see it for myself. But finally, with much effort, I finally started saying “I might not be as good as I want but I am improving.”

This is called reframing. Changing the way you see things in a more positive light. Be careful not to deceive yourself. The point is to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses but not to talk badly about yourself.

You should learn to recognize what your weaknesses are so that they can be worked on and improved upon. Accepting them is okay but don’t beat yourself up over them or spend too much time dwelling on them.


Stop Complaining

Some people are programmed to be complainers. They have this personality trait that makes them always point out what’s wrong with the world instead of appreciating the good things that are happening.

If you’re one of these people, it’s time to stop complaining. Complaining is a sign of weakness. It’s an easy way out to blame someone else for your failures and shortcomings. Making yourself a victim is a major sign of being weak-minded.

When you stop complaining, you become accountable for your own mistakes and your successes. You stop seeing the world as a harsh place that’s always against you. You become more open to opportunities and will naturally start taking more healthy risks in life.

People will see you as a stronger man who doesn’t complain. You’ll be the guy who knows how to fix his own problems instead of pointing fingers and blaming everyone else.


Stop Self-Pity

Self-pity is when you feel sorry about yourself. There are many reasons why people feel this way. They may have been mistreated by others. They may have had back luck in life or love. They could have lost a major battle in life to something that happened outside of their control.

Whatever the reason, the effects of constantly feeling sorry for yourself are devastating. It can lead to depression, mental despair, and constant worry. It doesn’t allow you to enjoy life as much as you could if you weren’t always thinking about how unfortunate your circumstances are.

This one takes a lot of work to overcome. Therapy could be a good investment if your self-pity runs deep. Your mental health will greatly improve as you work on this area.


Stop Breaking Promises. Be True to Your Word

One of the most glaring flaws of the weak-minded person is that words are not matched with actions. This flaw is actually fueled by another deep-seated issue, a lack of discipline.

If you are unable to stick to your goals and follow through on tasks then your word means nothing. People will stop believing in you because your word cannot be trusted

And even worse, you cannot even trust yourself. If you keep lying to yourself about, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” but don’t follow through, you are being dishonest with yourself. Without the discipline to even be honest with yourself, how can you expect anyone else to value what you say.

The weak-minded person makes excuses when he does not follow through.

“I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.” But tomorrow becomes another day you break your promise. This has to stop NOW.

The only way to overcome this is to develop the discipline that to do as you say. You must be resolute in your determination and follow through on promises no matter what obstacles you face.

This same willpower should be applied to any other areas where you lack self-discipline.


Start Living in the Present

The past is gone. There’s nothing you can do to change it. The only things you have power over are the present and future. Overthinking about the past will do nothing to help you. While the present may not be exactly as you want it to be and it may not be comfortable, it is what you have to work with. By accepting it, you harness the ability to change it.

Stop trying to live in yesterday or tomorrow. Living for the now is the only sensible option. You can learn from the past and look forward to a better future, but your focus should be on what you have power over. The present is all that really matters so start paying more attention to it and you can change how the future will turn out.

You can handle the present if you have a strong mind. The only way to make your life better is to deal with what is in your control right now. Let the weak-minded people think about the past and dream about the future. In the meantime, you will be living in reality and working on what is within your control.

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