How to Reach Your Goals by Making Them Fun

I have a gift for you that I will be releasing soon.

The start of the year is a time for reflection, re-evaluation, and resolution. For this reason, I’ve been looking for a tool that can help keep people motivated and focused on reaching their goals.

There are tons of books written on the subject. There are even apps that are made for this purpose. The apps aren’t bad, but they seemed like they were lacking something.

Since I couldn’t find a solution that seemed complete, I decided to make it myself.

Goals Quote | Relentless Man

This may not appeal to everyone who visits Relentless Man, but I do think it will be an awesome tool for most of you.

It is a bit on the nerdy side. It will let you track exactly what attributes, skills, and other important areas that you want to personally monitor.

The tool is also customizable to fit your goals.

I’m currently adding some finishing touches to the tool. I am also writing up a comprehensive guide on how you can use this tool to stay focused and see your progress clearly.

So whenever you’re tempted to slack off on your personal goals and resolutions, this tool will remind you of your specific goals and you’ll know exactly how close you are to the ‘next level’.

Check back soon for your free gift that will keep you motivated and help you become consistently a better version of yourself.

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