Always Bet on Yourself

Life will throw you challenges that seem impossible. It will kick you while you’re down. It will knock you off your feet and it will fight against you.

So what do you do? You bet on yourself.

always bet on yourself

When life is determined to crush you, bet on yourself to make it out alive. Fight harder than ever before. Get back up one more time than it knocks you down. Never give up on yourself. Even when you fail. It doesn’t mean you are a loser. Failing isn’t the biggest problem. Giving up on yourself is.

If you always bet on yourself and succeed, it will be one of the most rewarding feelings a man can have. If you bet on yourself and fail, learn what you can from the failure and bet on yourself again.

Betting on yourself isn’t the easiest thing to do, but if you want to have real success in your life, you are the only person you can 100% rely on.

How I Bet on Myself

I bet on myself by trying new, difficult things. I bet on myself when I work tirelessly on my own projects, even when a project is in the growth phase where you can’t see results yet. This is the hardest part when you don’t know if there will be gold at the end of the tunnel.

Working a job is often a necessity until you have built your own income. Spending time after your job working on your personal project when you’re tired from a long day is how you bet on yourself. The job serves as a temporary income source until your project becomes mature enough to bring in its own money.

The average guy doesn’t have faith in himself. He will be content (is he really?) with working a job and making enough money to be comfortable. His free time is wasted. Maybe he spends his free time overindulging in TV, video games, drinking, or other activities that don’t have any real payoff.

Betting on myself isn’t relying on luck or trust in other people. Betting on yourself is believing in your ability to achieve success in the long term. It is remaining consistent even when you feel like quitting. It is spending your time learning about your business and reading books that enhance your mind. Not wasting all your time on short-term fun. Too much short-term fun turns men into long-term failures.

Another way I invest in myself is by taking care of my body. Challenging my body to get stronger. Eating foods that bring me closer to my goal. Avoiding foods that will weaken my body and make my brain lethargic and useless.

This is all for the long-term. And you don’t have to be perfect. You can take breaks and have fun, watch your favorite TV show, play a game after the daily work on your project is done, eating food that isn’t ideal. Give yourself these treats on occasion but don’t allow the treats to become the norm.

I’ve always believed that if you work hard, the cards will eventually fall in your favor. I know this to be true because I’ve seen it happen again and again with people who are driven by passion and determination. They can turn a “no” into a “yes.” They find a way to overcome any obstacle and beat the odds. It just takes a lot of perseverance and a healthy dose of belief in yourself!


Giving Yourself the Chance to Win Big

All the choices that you make to improve yourself add up and give you the chance to win big and feel successful in life. This investment in yourself acts like bamboo.

A bamboo tree can take years before it starts visibly growing. For the first several years, it needs to be watered and fertilized every day. All these years of investment go into the bamboo and nothing happens. Then, once it breaks through the ground, it can grow 90 feet tall in just 5 weeks.

This is a metaphor to always bet on yourself and bet big. You can bet small and win small, or bet big and win big. Put real effort into achieving your goals. Like bamboo, a body does not grow strong quickly. It takes weeks or even months before you can start to see the changes in your body. It can take even longer if you carry a lot of excess fat.

But stay the course. Do the work and you will grow stronger. Even if the change isn’t visually visible yet. Your body is growing more powerful consistently as you keep following your plan.

Take Calculated Risks to Pursue Opportunities

When deciding to improve your financial life you have to take calculated risks to create a solid plan to follow. Even if the project you choose doesn’t require much financial investment, there is still the opportunity cost of your time.

Opportunity cost is too often ignored or undervalued. It is the cost of a missed opportunity or, more accurately, the benefits that could have been received from using resources for some alternative purpose. For example, the opportunity cost of attending college is what you miss out on by entering the workforce immediately after high school. Choosing one path will always have a cost even if that cost isn’t tangibly apparent.

By understanding this concept it allows us to take risks with our time and money in order to get ahead of our competition. Being able to calculate these costs will give you a good idea of whether or not the risks are worth it.

Put in the time to research your options before you commit to a personal project. The fact is that there are countless types of businesses and online businesses (my preference) that you can pursue to make good money. The trick is finding a project that you will enjoy and will stick to over the long term. Most entrepreneurs fail because they don’t stick with their project for long enough.

I’ve wasted far too much time and effort on projects that I eventually scrapped. They either weren’t a good fit for me or I gave up too early. But someone else might have been a perfect fit for the project and been massively successful. This was a lesson that I had to learn the hard way. I would rather you avoid wasting as much time, effort, and money as I have on past failed projects.

believe in yourself

Having Belief in Yourself Will Give You an Abundance Mindset

As you accumulate more success and achievements, you will start to notice more opportunities in your life. Making money gets easier after you are already earning some. Once your basic needs are met and stress about money goes away, you will start to notice more opportunities.

People will seem friendlier. Life will feel easier. Even though you know that things can go wrong, you can feel comfortable knowing that you can find a  course through any potential hardship.

You have a sense of control over your life. You remember how it feels to be in a good mood. When you feel stressed, you acknowledge it and don’t try to ignore it or pretend that everything is fine. You are not concerned about how other people think of you or how they act towards you. You become stable and centered.

You know how to relax, knowing that your needs are taken care of. And when bad things do happen, you can handle the problem without getting upset over it for days. You have a good balance in your life between work and play. You can do what you need to when you need to without rushing or procrastinating.

You enjoy the company of others, but you don’t need it all the time. You can keep yourself busy when other people are too caught up in their own lives.

But remember, all this comes after you put in the work. Be like the bamboo tree, getting stronger, putting in consistent work, and eventually all that work will pay off exponentially. You just have to give yourself plenty of time to work and stay patient, knowing that you are on the right path. This is what betting on yourself is all about.

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